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This is what happens so often

July 16 in the local paper... ______________ After 30 years in business—10 of them in Round Rock—Texas Gift Outlet is closing. The store sells Texas-themed souvenirs etc. As it stands, store owners are looking for a potential buyer and plan to vacate their location at 210 University Blvd. on July 31.
______________ No doubt they've been trying, unsuccessfully, to broker their business. But the news item indicates a buyer first noticing it has 15 days to put a deal together. #planahead #flexibleterms #ownerfinancing
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What is it about entrepreneurs like me?

Entrepreneur business owners are a curious lot. Strong willed. Full of opinions and ready to tell you how it is. Not at all ready to think about the future – even after 55. Which is strange; because isn’t that what business is all about; the future? How do you get them to move toward the ball? You can’t even have a game if a ball isn’t in play. This group of people suffers a horrific fate if they don’t engage with someone like you - a business succession specialist. Yet, they are afraid of you. Everything you do is something they don’t want to talk about – today. Oh, yeah, someday. Great. Not today. Busy, very busy. Up to my armpits in alligators. Tomorrow. Here is what I’ve learned since I sold my business in an internal succession plan a few years ago.
Breaking through the owner’s hardened shell is a worthy challenge but it is difficult. Trying to connect with an entrepreneur like me to get involved in my business succession plan is hard to do. What ever else comes next, I think yo…

Preview Edition Comments

PREVIEW EDITION COMMENTS - I received some genuinely nice comments from my preview readers!
J.H. wrote: Inspirational. An easy read.
A.T. wrote: You had so much wisdom packed
                  in your book. I’m glad I got to read it.

M.E. wrote: This is a much-needed game changer.
C.P. wrote: Very timely topic.
D.B wrote: The pace is good.
J.J. wrote: I like the “tone” and the conversational
                style – it feels like a personal discussion.
Bill Heestand Author and Mentor.

Hard to believe it was 10 months ago on our summer vacation looking out the window at the Oregon Coast... I asked myself WHATS NEXT?

My preview readers are finishing their first look at the book. The feedback so far is very positive, with some detailed and constructive ideas for improvement. There's work to do but the message is resonating. I have also spoken on it at Toastmasters three times. Each time one or more people come up to me after and tell me a story. It usually begins with "I wish my dad..."  Or, they ask me a question: "How can I...?" Hard to believe it was 10 months ago on our summer vacation looking out the window at the Oregon Coast... I asked myself "What's next...?"  The book talks about the power of decision. I made a decision and here I am! The words: What, How and When are power words!
Ownership Ladder How a Smart Employee Can buy Out the Boss